Black Cottage Lantern

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Our Cottage Lantern seamlessly blends classic lantern design with a filigree-cut pattern on its black matte metal frame. The lantern's open back design makes it easy to add candles, while our top-down warming technology eliminates the need for flames, soot, and smoke. 

This innovative technology creates a larger pool of melted wax at the candle's top, which provides a cleaner and stronger fragrance than traditional candles. With a burn time that's twice as long, our Cottage Lantern is the perfect choice for any room. 

Compatible with most jar candles 15 ounces or smaller, these lanterns come in a variety of styles to fit any decor. If you're melting larger candles, we recommend using lamps or lanterns for optimal results. Bottom-up warmers simply won't heat larger candles with the same efficiency.