How We Began

Candles have always been that special something to add to any space, contributing to any mood, depending on the surroundings and the scent. Candles have been used to light up a room, give scent to the air, and honor our loved ones. During times of stress, there they were, calming my spirit, contributing to my wellness. Wellness has recently been front and center to our family, which led to the beginnings of Scentsible Pleasure.

The journey to this point in time, that led to wellness as a priority and the thought of Scentsible Pleasure, did not start out in a happy place. The journey on a wellness path began in 2017, when my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. My mind was struggling during this time too and everything became hard to grasp, including my wellbeing. 

I began looking for all the things that contributed to my wellness. I met people along the way that needed wellness too. This blossomed a goal in my mind. I wanted to help people with their wellness too but I didn't know how. Thinking about how was a long way off. First, we had to get through our hard times. 

My Mom lost her battle to the illness in 2019 and then shortly after, in 2021, I found out I had cancer too. Fighting for my life, I went through all the treatments, met more who needed wellness, and made it out to the other side, in remission, with more passion to help others. 

It actually wasn't until this year, 2023, that candles lit up more of my world, both literally and figuratively. I have always loved candles, especially the stress relief ones. I would take long baths during the hard times, and light these candles. After the new year and thinking about how far we have come, with candles lit, I thought, why can't I make these candles to contribute more to my wellbeing? Then suddenly, all things candle filled the dining room! Then I thought, what if I could share what I get out of these candles with others? 

This is how Scentsible Pleasure began. I began testing candle scents, waxes, and wicks for the best effect. I decided on soy wax, natural wicks, and natural scents with essential oils. Things that I believe contribute to wellness and is safe on the environment too.  

As part of the beginnings of Scentsible Pleasure and a contribution to wellnes, I have created an Aromatherapy Collection. Going back to my roots of taking baths and lights candles, Scentsible Pleasure has become a place where relaxing aromas fill the air and brighten up any room. Infused with essential oils, we have the Serenity candle and the Rest Easy candle. This is only the beginning though, I plan on adding a candle to brighten up any moment. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I have. 

I also have enjoyed beautiful scents, as well, and so I also have the Spring Collection. And, as you have probably gathered, will have future selections contributing to the mood of the seasons as we pass through them. These have added such great ambiance to a space and I hope that you can find a scent that suits your tastes.

It is our mission to create quality products that bring joy into the space of others, with ethically-sourced, natural, ingredients. I am very mindful of where the ingredients come from and, apart from the plants and flowers that are not in the United States to make certain essential oils, everything has been manufactured in the United States.

As part of our quest for wellness, for every candle sold, I will be donating $1 to breast cancer research and $1 to St. Jude's Hospital, in support of children with chronic illnesses. We are a new establishment so my hope is to contribute more in the future. 

Thank you for reading our story and happy candle shopping!