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Transform Your Home into a Cozy Oasis This Fall and Winter with Candles

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"Bring your space to life, with meaning and intention, with illumination only a candle can bring."

- Scentsible Pleasure

There's nothing better than snuggling up with a warm blanket and a good book during the cold fall and winter months. But if you really want to take the cozy factor up a notch, you need to add candles to the mix. Candles not only provide a warm and comforting glow, but the right scent can also transport you to another world. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can use candles to transform your home into a cozy oasis this fall and winter.

Choose the Right Scents for Your Candles

Scents have the profound ability to evoke memories, influence mood, and create ambiance. For the fall and winter seasons, certain fragrances can transform your space into a cozy haven, enveloping you in a comforting and inviting atmosphere.

Cinnamon is a classic scent associated with the colder months. Its warm, spicy aroma is reminiscent of baked goods and holiday festivities. According to an article on Who What Wear, fragrances that incorporate cinnamon can provide a sense of warmth and comfort, making them perfect for the cooler seasons.


Vanilla is another excellent choice for creating a cozy atmosphere. As noted on, a sweet and creamy vanilla scent can add a comforting element to your surroundings. It's a versatile fragrance that pairs well with many other scents, making it a staple in many fall and winter perfumes and candles.


Pumpkin scents, a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and sometimes vanilla or caramel, is synonymous with fall. This scent is not only tied to the popular autumnal beverage but also to the idea of warmth, comfort, and home. It's a scent that can make any space feel instantly more inviting.

Apple, particularly when combined with spices like cinnamon and clove, is another quintessential fall and winter scent. Apple-based fragrances bring to mind images of apple orchards, pies baking in the oven, and the crispness of a fall day. Chris Loves Julia, a lifestyle blog, even mentions apple-scented candles as part of their evening routine during the fall.


Adding a touch of a woodsy scent, such as oud, cedar, or palo santo, can also enhance the cozy factor. These fragrances, often found in colognes and candles, can evoke the feeling of sitting by a roaring fire or walking through a forest, adding a sense of richness and depth to the overall scent profile.


Choosing the right scent for your space can significantly enhance its ambiance, making it feel warm, inviting, and just like home. So, whether you're hosting a gathering or spending a quiet night in, consider incorporating these cozy fall and winter scents into your environment.

Play with Layers

Don't stick to just one candle - create layers in your space by mixing different scents and candle sizes. For example, you could use smaller candles on your coffee table, and larger candles on your mantel. Mixing different candles will create a rich scent profile and help your space feel even more inviting.


Imagine walking into a room and being greeted by a symphony of scents. A hint of lavender from the small candles on your coffee table, blending seamlessly with the rich vanilla aroma emanating from the larger candles on your mantel. Each scent layering upon the other, creating a unique olfactory experience that makes your space feel warm and inviting. That's the power of mixing different candle scents and sizes. So don't stick to just one candle, explore the world of scents and create your own unique blend.

Use Candle Accessories

Candle accessories are an essential part of any candle lovers' collection. They not only enhance the functionality of your candles but also add a touch of style and personality to your space.


For instance, candle holders are not just mere platforms for your candles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with a unique design that can complement your interior decor. A crystal candle holder, like those available on, can add an elegant touch to your dining table, reflecting the candlelight in mesmerizing patterns across the room. On the other hand, whimsical animal-shaped holders can inject a playful charm into your bookshelf or bedside table.


Candle warmers, another popular accessory, offer a safer alternative to burning candles. These devices gently heat the candle from the bottom, releasing its fragrance without the need for a flame. Vintage candle warmers, like those found at local flea markets, can serve as beautiful centerpieces in your living room, casting a soft, warm glow that creates a cozy ambiance.


Moreover, other candle accessories like wick trimmers, snuffers, and matches also play a crucial role. Wick trimmers help maintain a safe burning length for your wicks, ensuring your candles last longer. Snuffers, on the other hand, allow you to extinguish your candles safely without any smoke or soot. Matches, especially decorative ones, can add a delightful aesthetic touch to your candle setup.


In conclusion, candle accessories are more than just functional tools. They are pieces of art that tell a story, adding character and style to your space. So, whether you're a candle enthusiast or just someone who enjoys a well-decorated space, investing in unique candle accessories can truly elevate your candle game.





Add Some Ambiance

Candles have long been a source of light and warmth, but their ability to create ambiance is truly unmatched. Candles can transform an ordinary room into a space filled with warmth, comfort, and tranquility. Whether you're seeking a cozy night in or setting the scene for an outdoor gathering, candles can significantly enhance the atmosphere.

Imagine this: The day's work is done, and it's time to unwind. You dim the lights, letting the hustle and bustle of the world fade away. As you strike a match, the tiny spark flickers to life, casting dancing shadows on the walls. You touch the flame to the wick of your favorite candle, and it springs to life, bathing the room in a soft, warm glow.

The fragrance of the candle begins to fill the air - perhaps it's the comforting scent of vanilla, the refreshing aroma of mint, or the calming essence of lavender. Each scent carries its own magic, altering the mood of the room. It's not just about the light or the warmth, but also the experience that each scent brings.

To complement the serene atmosphere, you play some soft music. The gentle tunes blend perfectly with the flickering candlelight, creating a harmonious symphony of sight and sound. Wrapped in a blanket, you sink into your favorite chair, a book in hand, and let the ambiance envelop you. It's as if the world outside ceases to exist, and all that matters is this moment of peace and comfort.

But candles aren't limited to indoor use. They can also create a warm, inviting ambiance outdoors. Picture a cool summer evening; you're hosting a dinner party in your backyard. As the sun sets, candles placed strategically around the space come to life. They cast a warm glow across the faces of your friends and family, their light flickering in their eyes. The candles don't just provide light; they add a sense of enchantment to the evening, making the event feel more intimate and special.

Similarly, candles can enhance the ambiance of a bonfire. As the fire crackles in the pit, smaller candles around the seating area add to the warm glow. The combined light of the bonfire and the candles create a magical atmosphere, perfect for sharing stories or simply enjoying the quiet of the night.

In essence, candles are not just functional items but tools for creating ambiance. They allow us to manipulate light, scent, and mood, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. So, whether you're planning a quiet night in or an outdoor gathering, remember: a little candlelight can go a long way in setting the perfect ambiance.


Candles surrounding bathtub
Book, blanket, drink, and a candle
Women enjoying dinner with candles

An Introduction to Our Fall & Winter Candles

Our candles deliver a harmonious blend of clean essential oils and fragrance oils, designed to envelop you in diverse scents. In 4, 10, and 16 ounce vessels, you can find the size and scent perfect for you. 

Almond Macaron:

At the core of this candle lies the robust scent of almond, amplified by the creamy richness of amaretto - a scent also derived from almonds. This nutty heart is invigorated by top notes of zesty lemon zest, warm cinnamon, and aromatic nutmeg. The scent journey concludes in a territory of pure indulgence with an irresistible blend of sweet vanilla and sugar at the base, transforming this fragrance into a full-fledged dessert delight.

Banana Nut Bread:

This candle encapsulates the irresistible aromas of a freshly baked homemade delight. The scent opens with top notes of roasted walnut and luscious ripe banana, mingling with the aromatic spice of nutmeg and the crystal sweetness of sugar to create a scent that's exquisitely nutty yet sweet. The fragrance journey culminates with base notes of creamy vanilla and cake, intensifying the sweetness and adding a comforting depth to this warm, toasty scent.

Bourbon Roasted Pecan:

A bakery-inspired scent guaranteed to fill your home with warmth and comfort. Each whiff is a delightful blend of buttery and maple essences, expertly intertwined with the heart notes of spiced pecans. As the aroma unfolds, it reveals a base of warm, comforting bourbon, cream, and vanilla that lingers, creating an inviting atmosphere in your space. Perfect for the fall and holiday season, this candle transforms your home into a cozy haven.

Candied Ginger:

The scent journey begins with the dominant note of crystallized ginger, a spicy and sweet aroma that immediately captivates your senses. This is beautifully complemented by a medley of warm spices - cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice, conjuring images of cozy winter evenings spent around the fireplace. Adding a twist to this rich blend are subtle hints of zesty citrus, cutting through the warmth of the spices to add a refreshing layer to the fragrance. The scent experience is rounded off with a dash of creamy vanilla, adding a comforting sweetness that makes this fragrance truly mouthwatering.

Cashmere Vanilla:

This intricate fragrance redefines timeless classics with its opulent blend of scents. The sensory journey begins with a crisp linen top note, setting a fresh and clean stage. The fragrance then transitions into the heart notes, a captivating fusion of intoxicating amaretto, alluring jasmine, and mysterious smoke. Finally, the base notes of musk, praline, vanilla, and amber envelop you in a warm embrace, providing a sumptuous softness that lingers. The Velvet Vanilla candle is not just a fragrance, it's an experience. Light it up and let the rich, complex aroma transform your space into a lavish haven.

Cinnamon Clove:

This candle presents a unique blend of scents that create a captivating fragrance journey. It starts with top notes of Honeycrisp Apple and Blue Pumpkin, providing a fresh and slightly sweet opening. The heart of the fragrance is a warm and spicy blend of Clove Bud and Cinnamon Sticks, offering a comforting middle note. The fragrance journey concludes with base notes of Forest Moss, Dark Oak, and Frosted Pinecone, grounding the scent with an earthy and slightly frosty finish. This combination creates a rich, layered aroma that's both soothing and invigorating.

Coffee Shop:

This stimulating scent opens with robust top notes of freshly ground coffee beans, leading into heart notes of sweet caramel and a touch of sugar. The fragrance journey concludes with soothing base notes of creamy milk and vanilla, adding a smooth finish to this energizing scent. It's truly a fragrant pick-me-up that can help kickstart your day.

Cranberry Woods:

A harmonious blend of nature's most delightful aromas. This candle begins on a vibrant note with the tartness of red currant, the spice of cinnamon, and the tangy sweetness of cranberries. The aromatic journey continues into the heart of the fragrance with middle notes of black currant and fresh green leaves, adding a refreshing contrast to the fruity top notes. Finally, the base notes of crisp fir and pine ground the fragrance, providing warmth and depth. The result is a scent that perfectly captures the essence of a walk through a cranberry grove in the heart of a lush forest.

Cran-Apple Marmalade:

This fragrance is a luscious concoction of tart cranberries, succulent apples, and a dash of spice.
The journey begins with top notes of zesty orange peel and sweet apple, which gracefully lead to the heart of cranberry. This unique blend brings a vibrant freshness that invigorates the senses. Adding depth and complexity, the fragrance is wrapped up with warm notes of cinnamon and clove resulting in an aromatic treat.

Merry Mistletoe:

This fragrance brings back fond memories with its captivating blend of crisp evergreens and ripe fruits. The fragrance begins with a refreshing mix of cooling camphor, light ozone, and a whisper of citrus, setting the stage for this complex winter scent. Heart notes of rich red berries provide a perfect counterbalance to the woody notes of pine and juniper. Essential oils of eucalyptus, fir needle, and cedar leaf bolster the fresh evergreen notes, reinforcing the authentic, outdoorsy feel of this charming seasonal scent.

Pomegranate Rose:

This scent offers an enticing mix of sour red fruit and botanical blooms. The scent journey begins with the zesty punch of bright grapefruit and lemon peel. The lively fragrance is then enhanced by notes of red currant and pomegranate. The scent journey concludes with grounding base notes of rosemary, geranium, and woody cedar, creating a balanced, vibrant fragrance that's sure to delight.

Pumpkin Pie:

Offering a delectable fragrance journey, this scent opens with warm top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, creating a spicy introduction. At the heart of the fragrance, notes of clove and pumpkin add a comforting, homely touch. The scent journey concludes with base notes of buttery pie crust and sweet vanilla, rounding out this deliciously inviting aroma.

Rose Petals:

Begins with fresh top notes of green leaves and ozone, providing a crisp and revitalizing introduction. The heart of the fragrance blossoms with a floral bouquet of rose, carnation, ylang-ylang, and lily of the valley, offering a romantic and enchanting essence. The scent then settles into comforting base notes of delicate powder and spicy peppercorn, adding depth and complexity to the overall aroma.

Toasted Pumpkin:

An aromatic journey that encapsulates the essence of autumn, this candle starts with a spicy top note blend of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg, setting a warm and inviting tone. This leads to the heart of the fragrance, where notes of pumpkin and buttercream create a creamy, comforting core. Finally, the scent journey concludes with base notes of sweet vanilla and smoky undertones, adding a layer of depth and intrigue to this delightful fragrance.

Stay Safe

Candles indeed possess the power to transform the ambiance of a space, lending it a sense of warmth and tranquility. However, as with anything that involves an open flame, it's crucial to prioritize safety to protect your home and loved ones.

Firstly, never leave candles unattended. It's easy to get lost in the soothing flicker and soft glow, but an unwatched candle can pose a serious fire risk. Whether you're stepping out of the room for a moment or calling it a night, always ensure to extinguish the candle before leaving the room. It's a simple step that can prevent potential accidents.

Secondly, keep candles away from flammable objects. This includes items such as curtains, books, paper, or any other materials that could easily catch fire. Maintain a safe distance between the candle and these objects. A good rule of thumb is to ensure at least a foot of space in all directions around the candle.

Moreover, consider the surface on which the candle is placed. Ensure it is stable and heat resistant. Avoid surfaces that might tip or wobble, such as an unstable table or a crowded shelf. Also, remember to place your candles on heat-resistant surfaces or holders to prevent the heat from damaging your furniture.

Another safety measure is to trim the wick of your candle to about a quarter of an inch before lighting it. This helps control the size of the flame, making it safer and also helping your candle burn more efficiently.

Lastly, be mindful of where you place your candles. Avoid high traffic areas where they could easily be knocked over. If you have pets or young children, it's especially important to position your candles out of reach to avoid accidental burns or fires.

While candles add a beautiful touch to your home, safety should always be the paramount concern. By following these simple safety measures, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere that candles create while ensuring the safety of your home.


In Conclusion

Candles can add so much to your home during the colder months. With the right scents, accessories, and ambiance, you can turn your space into a cozy oasis that you'll never want to leave. Experiment with different scents and don't be afraid to mix and match - the possibilities are endless. Whether you're snuggled up with a good book or hosting a dinner party, candles are sure to add some magic to your space. So grab your favorite candle and enjoy all the warmth and coziness that fall and winter have to offer.

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